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Sunset Road Update- Marblehead MA

Construction is is well underway on our new waterfront home in Marblehead MA.

The house is sited on very narrow lot on a steep hill overlooking Salem Harbor. Consequently, the design and form-making faced numerous challenges, including topography, zoning setbacks, conservation, and environmental setbacks, and proximity to neighbors.

The resulting design is a three-level house that cascades down the hill, with entry points at each level. The top level houses the primary living spaces, and a garage at street level. The middle level contains the main sleeping areas, including a master suite with balcony facing the water. The lowest level has a family room and guest area, as well as a home office and the house's mechanical systems.

On the exterior, a series of terraces, walls, stairs and earth steps create a gentle path from down from the street to the oceanfront yard, gangway and dock, and rocky beach.

Completion Summer 2021


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