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At BLOOM Architecture, we are passionate about design.


We pursue this passion with curiosity and experimentation, backed with technical expertise and a dedication to collaboration.

We explore the details of architecture: space, light, materiality, form, and context. In all projects, we encourage a consciousness of the impact of design, construction, and future use on the environment.

We recognize that design and construction are always evolving. New materials and construction techniques are continually becoming available, as are new insights into the role of design in society. Meanwhile, as we discover the dangers in our old methods and materials, the importance of sustainability becomes greater.

We are inspired by these challenges, and we seek to design buildings, furniture, and objects that accommodate the human need for inspiration, comfort, beauty and health. Looking beyond convention and style, we believe in the power of design to inspire, and to create environments that give us space to enjoy the moment.

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Derek Bloom, AIA

From an Oceanarium in Lisbon, an executive education center in Boston, a modernist house on the water, to an urban landscape commission in Philadelphia, Derek’s career has traversed typological boundaries and searches for the uniqueness of each new site and program. Exploring contemporary architecture through a studied balance of materials, tectonics, color, and texture has resulted in a varied portfolio of projects unique in its dynamism. Educated at Cornell University and M.I.T., Derek has also lived and studied in Valparaiso, Chile and studied in Venice, Italy. Derek’s work has cohesively integrated contemporary spatial thinking with principles of sustainable design. He is a licensed architect in MA, NY, and PA.

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Matthew A. Morse, RA LEED AP

Matthew is always seeking to understand the world through the lens of design, and he believes curiosity and creativity are the keys to solving complex challenges in all environments. His imagination is his biggest asset, his experience and interests have always spanned the realms of architecture and interior design, and his commitment to sustainability manifests itself in all areas. When Matthew is away from his desk you might find him sauntering through a museum gallery, following his favorite band around the country, hiking up or snowboarding down a mountain, or envisaging the next destination to bust out his passport. Matthew received his Master's degree in Architecture from The Boston Architectural College in 2012.

Cody Pratt

Cody sees architecture as intervention. His academic and professional work has focused on the conceptual roots of architectural ideas and their visual communication and representation. He enjoys projects that challenge  preconceived notions of typology, scale, performance, and preservation.

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Jazzmynn Hong

Jazzmynn is a multi-disciplinary designer who explores the conjunction between architecture and technology through a dynamic process of inquiry into architectural principles, artistic theory, and creative technology. Her work focuses on human perception within the space, curating experiences that are sensorial, inspiring, and contemplating. She received her B.S. in Architecture from Tyler School of Art and MFA in Digital + Media from RISD.

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Samantha Riback

Samantha is passionate about creating spaces which transcend the human experience through unconventional ways of thinking and designing. She believes that architecture, designed with empathy and creativity, can transform the way we understand the built world. Her advanced ​graphic representation skills are aided by her unique background in the Fine Arts. Samantha received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Sarah Hanscom 

Sarah is fascinated by the stories that spaces can tell. She is a strong believer in human-centered design through a holistic approach. She combines complex problem solving with a creative mind as she takes on the challenges that come with designing for an unknown future. Sarah received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Junho Kang

Junho aims to practice design based on fieldwork. From an emergency shelter for migrant children in Texas to a diving women’s village in Jeju Island, South Korea, he immersed himself into their daily lives in situ, searching for different possibilities grounded in the mundane. Based on the community collaboration on site, He designed and built in various scales ranging from an intertidal pavilion, outdoor classrooms, a small library to campus planning and furniture design. He received B.S. in Architectural Studies and Art History from U.C.L.A. and completed Master’s in Architecture I from Harvard GSD

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