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Northeastern University Streaming Project

During Summer 2020, in the midst of the the Covid-19 crisis, @northeastern decided to update 165 classrooms in 16 buildings on the Boston campus to enable remote participation to complement in-person learning. BLOOM was selected for this fast-track initiative, working closely with NU Facilities, Turner Construction's site team, and RW Sullivan Engineers, to ready the campus for Fall 2020 classes. Each room was fitted with multiple voice-tracking cameras, distributed microphone and speaker arrays, and new teaching equipment and controls. To support the rooms, the team new created infrastructure rooms in each building, including data centers, IT rooms and A/V closets, housing equipment racks and extensive cooling equipment. Despite the incredible pressure and very unusual circumstances, the classrooms were up and running on time for the student's return, and the campus infrastructure is in place for future semesters.⠀


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