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St. Cecilia Parish

Updated: Sep 24

We are excited to share our preliminary concepts for St. Cecilia Parish.

In the proposed design, a new Parish Kitchen and coffeehouse are situated in the physical center of the garden level, the “heart” of the Parish Center, connecting directly to the openness and daylight of the adjacent courtyards through the existing windows and doors.

Lower Level Floor Plan

Additionally, the Coffeehouse and Fellowship Hall will be adjacent to each other, and with an operable wall between them, so that they may be used either individually or combined. This increases the programming options available to the parish, such as holiday Masses, large meals, receptions, lectures, recitals and performances, weddings and funerals, and the many ministry functions centered around meals and food. Furniture Plans of a few of these use scenarios are shown below.

View of the Fellowship Hall, with coffeehouse at right

The classroom functions will be located nearby and will continue to serve Faith Formation classes, Berklee coursework, and ministry meetings and other gatherings as they have in the past.

A new transparent entry pavilion is adjacent to the West Courtyard, accessed from St. Cecilia Street, containing an open, welcoming entrance, and serving as a beacon to invite the public into the new community areas within. The pavilion contains an elevator serving all levels, and replaces the current courtyard ramp and stairs, as well as the ADA lift and glass vestibule /stair in the current lower level.

View of the proposed entry pavilion from St. Cecilia Street

The lower level will contain the Family Center, which will have a dedicated family bathroom,storage areas, and a flexible configuration that can house children’s programming on Sundays, and other programs throughout the week.

One floor above, the Community Center will also house a variety of meetings, movies, choir practice, and other programs. It will likewise have access to a new accessible bathroom and will be furnished in a flexible reconfigurable way.

Beyond the areas of construction mentioned above, there will lighting upgrades, designed to improve the illumination of the Sanctuary, and to light the exterior of the tower, creating a visible beacon in the night sky. In the accompanying images, several lighting design options are shown, in progress, that illustrate the initial vision.

Aerial View of Lower Level with Parish Center Kitchen and coffeehouse at right

These furniture studies are explorations of furniture flexibility within the new proposed plan. The goal is to make the new space as flexible as possible, and to be able to easily transition from the coffee house set up, to overflow space for Mass, and also a space for special occasions like weddings and other celebrations. A key component will be flexible furniture, and considering the mobility, storage and footprint when not in use.

Reconfigurable Furniture Studies for Common Scenarios

Below are preliminary concepts for the improving the illumination of the Sanctuary, prepared by Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design. HLB created a beautiful set of alternative approaches to lighting the space, layering light, and placing focus on the sermon, choir, architectural elements, and statuary. Also being studied is illuminating the exterior facade and tower of the church.

Sanctuary Lighting Studies by Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

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