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9 W Broadway Photography Complete

We are excited to share these great photos by Elaine Frederick., capturing the essence of our recent loft renovation in S Boston. The renovation added an expanded kitchen, renovated three bathrooms and added a new powder room, while updating finishes and lighting in all spaces, and creating two new home office nooks.

For the kitchen above, we used a cool minimalist palette to play against the warm wood and brick of the industrial loft's shell. Island seating bathed in daylight creates a central focal point, clean lines and minimal clutter create a sense of calm.

In the dining area, we created a custom pendant installation hung from the exposed timber structure. The cool kitchen palette extends to the open stair, and tv cebaintry below.

Lighting was augmented in the open plan to accentuate the brickwork and to overcome the inherent darkness of a deep timber-framed space.

The guest bathroom maintains the cool grey palette introduced in the open social spaces, with crisp geometries reinforcing the interplay bewteen the existing rough-hewn timber frame and the more polished interior interventions.

Behind a blank wall of modern cherry paneling with a hidden door, a new powder room with exhuberant colors and textures was created, adding an element of surprise.


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