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Northern Spy Restaurant

Now under construction: The historic structure, previously Paul Revere's copper rolling mill, is in the process of being restored as part of the Paul Revere Heritage site, in Canton MA. This amazing brick and timber truss structure provides a rich space for its new occupants. The project includes a large dining room and bar with an open wood hearth at the center, as well as exhibition and function space on the open second level. Steeped in history and tradition this gathering space will provide compliments to contemporary and tradition both in atmosphere and fare.

Northern Spy Restaurant, from the Owner's of Loyal Nine in Cambridge, will serve classic New England fare from the wood fired hearth. For more about the restaurant check out a couple of the publication:

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The Patch

This photo complements of the Paul Revere Heritage site shows the rolling mill structure at an early stage of the project. The brick and timber trusses have since been restored. Along with a beautiful new copper roof, provided by Paul Revere Copper company.

Brick patching cleans up the building while maintain a window to its industrial past. The grounds of the site will also include relics from the industrial site, interlaced with outdoor dining and public park space.

View into the bar area

The centrally located wood fired hearth will serve the kitchen as the primary cooking suite, as well as providing ambiance that complements the open kitchen and dining areas.

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