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Bethel Cabin Granite Monolithic Columns

Inspired by recent visits to New England Quarries, as well as the Maine Coast, we were inspired to use rough quarried granite in our design for a vacation house in Bethel Maine. We were intrigued by the possibility of using large-scale solid stone, instead of common practice of cladding a lighter structure with stone veneer. Seeing the stone quarried in large blocks, we marveled at the power of the raw stone, and began inquiring about whether we could order the blocks "as-is," before they were sawn into smaller pieces for ornamental use. After many dead ends and incredulous responses, we found a willing quarry, and began the process. We also located a stone specialist, Albert Raitt, who was willing to deliver and install these columns, each weighing several tons. Once quarried, the blocks were marked and set aside for selection.

With the Owner's enthusiastic approval, we decided to use the granite monoliths raw and unfinished, with the quarry drill marks, and rough edges untouched. They were to be trucked to the construction site, and craned into place on simple concrete footings.

Once installed, it was clear that some of the razor sharp granite corners would need to be flame softened, for safety purposes.

A system of steel beams is installed to support the deck above.

The monoliths in place.

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