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NU Stetson West

Stetson West is a modern concrete and glass structure built for Northeastern University in 1966. BLOOM was brought in to convert the main level to a contemporary and lively series of social and study spaces, with integrated technology, security and accessibility.

By removing aggregated historic layers of infrastructure and finishes, the original high modern marriage of concrete and glass once again serves as the container for this lively spot on campus, with soaring glass-filled vaults creating an inspiring multi-function space.

BLOOM overlays a warmer palette of wood, bright color accents and "floating" light fixtures to bring scale and softness to the austerity of the original building. The program includes an updated entry, check-in area, and spacious lounge spaces for study, collaboration and socializing.

New Lounge + Collaboration Spaces

New study space that features a vibrant moss wall to complete the contemporary design renovation


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