West Village A - Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Code Consultant and MEP Engineer:

RW Sullivan
General Contractor: 
Commodore Builders
Nea Rea Photography

This renovation of the first floor of a residence hall at Northeastern re-envisions the space as a bright colorful series of social spaces, infused with a palette of contemporary patterns, textures and colors. 
The program of areas for study, gathering, socializing, and play are connected along a bright courtyard facade. Our use of contrasting and varied striations stands in contrast with the existing order of curvilinear walls, gridded facades and interior storefront, balancing the random and the ordered, and creating a new dynamism in the space. 
The entry lobby is activated by a new 32 foot high sculptural lighting design, evoking a suspended mobile, and creating an urban scale gesture, visible from the city street.