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Dartmouth, MA

General Contractor: 
E. Smith Carpentry
Nat Rea Photography

Starting with a traditional shingled camp on the Slocum River, the Horseneck project transformed this compact vernacular building into a more modernist composition, connecting interior to exterior, overlapping programmatic areas, maximizing available daylight, and prioritizing outdoor living. With the river setting the backdrop, we began the design with an abstract composition of planes and volumes, which would serve to open the house, frame the views, and add depth to the landscape. The new glass wall, floating deck, cube-like pergola, and attenuated cedar planter all contribute to this geometric composition, in stark contrast to the lush wooded surroundings, and rolling hills.
The extensive interior renovations included opening the central stair on both sides to serve as a central focal point for the interiors. A new kitchen, two new bathrooms, new lighting, finishes, and color palette rounded off the interior renovations

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